Flex: What is it?

How Flex could work for your organisation

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If you’re interested in joining Flex and are an existing Acast Enterprise customer, please reach out to your local content manager. If you’re a new creator looking to join Acast, please reach out to support via the chat box.

What is Flex?

Flex is a solution available to Enterprise clients that allows access to the Acast ecosystem whilst retaining control and ownership of their original RSS feeds.

Deliver and understand your content - Acast Flex solves the problem of how to access Acast’s delivery and data pipelines, without the need for you to change your publishing process or current tools.

Dynamic insertion technology - Access Acast’s world-leading dynamic audio engine with live stitching technology.

IAB Certified Data - Acast will filter all download requests to your content to be IAB 2.0 certified, and provide you with access to the Acast Insights dashboard.

Ease of use - With a minimum effort from your end, Acast Flex will allows you to keep your original publishing process and ownership of your RSS feeds.

Who can use Flex?

Flex can be used by creators and publishers who host and maintain their own RSS feeds and are looking to access Acast's suite of Enterprise tools and monetisation.

Creators must have valid RSS feeds that meet the standard requirements of third-party platforms, and be able to make simple updates to parts of the feed. See here for more information on requirements.

What does this mean technically?

In technical terms, Acast Flex is a service that ingests audio files from a partner’s RSS feeds, and delivers stitched audio files via the Acast CDN in response to download requests.

Download request traffic is pointed towards the Acast CDN by the addition of a prepend to the enclosure URL of the media file within the RSS feed. New episodes on the RSS feed are then detected and imported into the Acast Flex system. Acast receives the download requests, logs the data and delivers a stitched file to the listeners.

Partners retain ownership of hosting, RSS feed generation and management from within their own CMS, while still accessing Acast’s CDN, monetisation tools and data insights.

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