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Making episodes available to Patreon tiers
Making episodes available to Patreon tiers

Easily assign episodes to Patreon tiers, and choose others to keep public

Updated over a week ago

Once you’ve connected your account to Patreon, you will be able to assign new and existing episodes to Patreon tiers.

Note: If you leave an episode without a tier, then it's a public episode. Having some public episodes is a great way to give interested followers a taste of your work, as well as a clear way to encourage them to become patrons of your exclusive episodes. Public episodes are available both on the public version of the feed, and in your members' private feeds.

Adding a tier to an episode

For a new or existing episode, you will be able to choose which Patreon Tier(s) your episode will be available to by going into "Publish Settings".

Select the tier(s) you wish to make this episode available for, then publish your new episode, or save your existing episode.

You can also assign episodes to a Tier in bulk

In the episode list you can select which episodes you would like to assign to the tier, and then choose the Assign Tiers dropdown menu on the right.

Remember, if you want a specific tier to have access to an episode, you must expressly add that tier. So, for example, if you want Silver tier members and Gold tier members to have access, you must assign BOTH Silver tier and Gold tier to that episode.

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