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Additional Finance FAQ's
Additional Finance FAQ's
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How much revenue have we made for (X month)?

Your statement will be sent out by the 15th of the month. If you need to know the revenue earlier by chance, contact who will give you a preliminary revenue for that month. Acast will soon have an even better way track your revenue on ongoing basis in 2020. Stay tuned!

Can we please add X email address to X Statement?

Yes, please contact Include the podcast name and specify the email address and then we will confirm when the change has been made.

Why is the calculation period two months for Programatic Ads?

X months revenue refers to the Programatic Ads. Programatic Ads take longer than 30 days for us to properly verify, so they are always delayed by a month. For example, September’s statement will include August’s Programatic Ads, August’s included July’s and so on.

What is Programmatic AD - Acast Automated Marketplace? 

The Acast Automated Marketplace is a ‘private marketplace’, where we control the pricing and we determine which media agencies we wish to enable to buy in this way.  It is not an ‘open marketplace’, where any advertiser could run in an uncontrolled way

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