What is self-billing?
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Self-billing is an arrangement between Acast and our podcasters, which allows for us to create an invoice on your behalf. This means that instead of Acast sending out a statement at the end of the month, and requesting an invoice back - we will actually provide the invoice, and start preparing for payment earlier. 

The self-bill document looks much like a normal invoice. It summarises the information about the payout that you as a podcaster is due to receive, from the revenue made from ads and sponsorships. The invoice includes details like the company name, the registered office address and any VAT number (if applicable). 

This new system means we generate invoices earlier, and can pay all Acast podcasters sooner.

We're also introducing a new way for our podcasters to update payout details, with a Payout Information app on the Acast dashboard. All new and existing Acast podcasts will need to submit their information using this form.

I'm new to Acast self-billing. What do I need to do?

When setting up self-billing, users with admin access will need to sign-in to the Payout Information app on their dashboard, then review and update (if necessary) the details we have saved for you. 

Once you have provided your payout details, you will be signed up for self-billing and a self-bill will be sent to you by email each month (in the format "selfbill-123abc.pdf"). We recommend that you check the self-bill as soon as you receive this, and keep a copy for your own records.

I already receive Acast self-bills. What do I need to do?

We've rolled out the Payout Information Form on the Acast dashboard for all podcasters, allowing you to update your payout details at any time. We have already migrated your details over, but it's important that you check that the details we have are correct. Learn more about the Payout Information Form.

I want to receive self-bills, but I'm not sure if the payout information you have is up-to-date? 

Reach out to podpayment@acast.com and we'll either confirm that we have your payment information, or invite you to the Payment Information app.

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