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When will I receive payment?
When will I receive payment?

You will either receive a statement or a self-bill which will detail your payment amount

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A self-bill/statement will be emailed to the podcast or network owner the month following a complete month of listens.

For example, for the revenue for a January period, Acast would calculate and verify your revenue from the start of the following month, meaning you would receive the self-bill/statement in the middle of February. 

If you are receiving self-bills, payment will be made automatically to your bank account according to the payment terms. No action is required from your end.

If you have requested to receive a monthly statement, you will need to generate an invoice to Acast for the amount communicated to you in the statement. Once created, the invoice should be sent to so that we can release the payout to your account.

If you have any queries, contact the Acast Support team as soon as possible.

Why haven't I received payment?

  • If you have not received your self-bill or statement, please take look in your spam folder to see if it's in there.

  • If you have received your self-bill or statement and have not been paid, then please reach out to the Acast Support team.

Can you confirm when payment will be made?

If you want to know when your payment will be made, contact but please wait until 3 days after the due date. Banking days can delay your payment. It normally takes 2-3 banks days for payment to process to the receiver's bank account.

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