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What is 'Other' in my Insights dashboard?
What is 'Other' in my Insights dashboard?

How does Acast categorize 'Other' in Analytics

Updated over a week ago

When looking at your podcast players' apps in your Insights dashboard, you may encounter with 'Other' category. What does this mean?

"Other" is quite a broad, undefined category. It refers to any "other" platform that's requesting a pull of your RSS feed, such as possibly a web player or other, smaller podcatchers that are not yet categorized (as the number of podcast players grows exponentially).

The number will vary based on where the podcast is advertised, but also just based on the population of the listeners that are tuning into the show. The other category will be populated with a big or small number of various players that we cannot otherwise slice the pie up with (else the pie could be difficult to read with many, many little slivers).

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