Finding Your Voice

Defining your podcast and finding your perfect audience.

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So, you're starting a podcast. That's great. But before you plug in and press record, it’s important to take a few things into consideration to make sure you’ve found your own unique voice as a podcaster. Here are three things to consider before starting your podacst.

1. What Kind of Podcast Are you?

The first step in finding your voice as a podcaster is to have a really clear idea from the beginning about what kind of podcast you’re creating. Are you hoping to entertain and make people laugh or provide an educational show to be used in classrooms? Deciding your show's tone before you do anything else will help you set the cadence for everything from your audio, editing, artwork and more!

2. Know Your Audience

Close your eyes and imagine your audience. I know, I know, but humor me. Who do you see? Be really specific! Where do they live? How old are they? Are they part of a specific fanbase? Imagining you're speaking directly with your ideal audience will help you be authentic and allow you to connect better with your followers!

It's also important to research a few statistics regarding your genre and classification. Knowing who’s most likely to listen to your podcast can help you shape your content as well as know where to advertise it and look for new followers.

podcast listeners broken down by gender
  • Pro tip: Check out a few studies online to find what audience your show can expect.

3. Think about your category

Most podcast apps follow the categories set out on Apple Podcasts, such as news, comedy, sports, true crime, and so on. Think about which category your podcast would fall into. Now have a look at that category —what is already being done and where is there room for a new take? Could you fill the gaps currently not being filled?

three key takeaways when you start a podcast

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