Click on LEARN MORE in the new dashboard alert to submit the user and the email address, who should be in charge of user management for your network and shows.

You can as well contact us via Please communicate to us the name of the Network, the podcast name(s) and the email address of the person in charge of User Management.

The Customer Success team will notify you once the request has been handled and an email notification will be sent to the selected user.

Understanding User Management

If you are the User Manager/Admin and want to manage the roles within your Network, please navigate to

This is the homepage of User Management.

The user will see the networks and the shows for which they are assigned a User Manager/Admin role.

If a user is the User Manager/Admin for a Network, they will see the Network and all the Shows belonging to that Network.

You can click on a Network or a Show to access Network Details or Show Details.

Network Details

There are two sub-tabs for this page.


You can see users with roles for this Network and edit this list (revoke, edit, invite, ...). The email addresses and roles have been blended out for this example.


List of the shows belong to the Network. You can click on a Show to navigate to “Show Details”

Show Details

Displays a list of users who have roles for this show. You can edit any role on this list (revoke, edit, invite). The email addresses and roles have been blended out for this example.

User Details


To access User Details, you can click on a user’s menu in a list (Show Details or Network Details) and click on “View user”.

You can also click on a user result in the search.

The User Details page displays all the Networks and Shows the user has roles for. You can directly edit the permissions, but you can go to the concerned Network or Show by clicking on it and then edit the roles for the given user.

Edit Roles

The “Edit” button within the Network or Show allows you to give roles to a given user

You can search for Networks, Shows and users by keyword or partial name or email (no ID).

You can already search for users and content related to your existing roles :

  • If you are the Admin of a Network, you can get results for shows in that Network.

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