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Schedule episodes to publish later
Schedule episodes to publish later

Time your podcast episodes to be released exactly when you want

Updated over a week ago

A good habit when growing your podcast's following is to release episodes early in the morning so that the latest episode is ready for your listener's morning commute. Luckily, with our scheduling tool, you won't be expected to be up with the sun to press publish. Here are the steps on how to schedule episodes for release at a later date and time:

  1. Once in your new or drafted episodes, you will see two sections on top. Episode Details and Publishing Settings.

  2. Complete your episode details and then move to Publishing settings to schedule your episode.

  3. Select the Publish date and save.

Note: Your time zone is your computer's local time zone. 

Pro tip: If for some reason you want to back-date an episode, you can schedule it for publication in the past. It will then appear in your RSS feed as if you had really published it at that time in the past.

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