Acast allows you to publish episodes directly to Apple Podcasts Subscriptions via the Acast Dashboard through a program called “Delegated Delivery.” This reduces the need for you to publish both in Acast and Apple Podcasts Connect, saving you time and hassle.

At this time, we’re supporting the publishing of bonus episodes to Apple, and more features will be available in 2023.


In order to use this streamlined way of publishing episodes, you will need:

  • An Apple Podcasts Subscription live for your audience

  • An Acast+ account tied to the podcast you are publishing to Apple

  • Approval from Acast

    • As of 2022, Acast will be manually approving shows to use Delegated Delivery. If you are interested, and you have the above qualifications, you can submit to the request form here.

What can I expect when I use Acast+ to publish to Apple Podcasts Subscriptions?

When you connect your Acast+ account to Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, you just need to publish your episodes once, and they are delivered to both your Acast+ and your Apple Subscription audience.

Because Acast is dedicated to building and developing this feature with Apple, we’re releasing its capabilities over time. Right now:

  • You can publish bonus or exclusive episodes through Acast to Apple

  • For ad-free or early release content, you will need to publish to Apple’s Podcast Connect manually. You can, however, do both – you can use Acast to publish bonus episodes, publish to Apple Podcasts for any ad-free content, and be ready to use Acast when we have that feature available.

  • For analytics related to your Apple Podcasts subscription, you will need to use Apple Podcasts Connect, not Acast. Similarly, Acast will show you listener information about your Acast+ audience, not your Apple Podcast subscriptions audience.

  • Management of price points and payouts for Apple Podcast Subscriptions are still managed in your Apple Podcasts Connect dashboard.

  • Acast will only accept mp3s for publishing episodes

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