For Acast+ users with a Stripe Connect account, you have the ability to create promo codes for your audience. This could be useful for a specific promotion, partnership or perhaps even a reward to certain listeners, just as a few examples.

How to set it up:

  • Login through the Stripe Connect dashboard.

  • Click 'Products' and then 'Coupons'.

  • Click the 'Create a coupon' button.

From here there are a few things to consider when creating the coupon:

  1. A name for the coupon (make sure to include the show name if it’s show specific to make it easier to distinguish).

  2. Add what you want the actual code to be in the “ID” field, such as “the-plus-free” or “the-plus-half”. This is what the listener will use during signup to get the discount. (You also have the ability to leave this blank and Stripe will generate the code ID)

  3. Select the type, if it should be a percentage discount (ie 50% or 100% off) or a fixed amount (ie 10USD off or 50SEK off)

Last and important, make sure you select the relevant tiers for the discount (note - the tiers needs to exist before creating the code as it is non-editable once saved).

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