Tier-specific Feed Artwork
Allowing your subscribers to differentiate between free and member feeds within their players.
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You've set up your member tiers, offering listeners great ad-free or bonus content. Now you can also update the individual feed cover art so that each tier stands out against your regular show.

This means that when your fans add any Acast+ podcast feed into their podcast app, they can easily distinguish the new feed they’ve just paid for, in comparison to the free or widely distributed version of your show.

How do I update the tier-specific feed art?

Adding this in Acast+ is super simple. As you’re creating a new tier, or customizing an existing one, you can add this artwork in the Acast CMS.

A few things to note:

  • This will not replace the tier artwork that you have chosen for your plus.acast.com listener subscribe pages.

  • If you do not add a custom tier podcast show tile, your main podcast tile will be used as a default.

  • It can take a new episode being published to the specific tier for new artwork to appear properly across podcast apps.

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