One-time payments

For audience members seeking a non-recurring membership offering.

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How do one-time payments work?

One-time payments are a way for you to offer your audience a package of episodes that might not fit into a recurring membership offering, whether it be a special series or an offering like extended learning courses.

How do I set one up?

Go to “settings” within the Acast+ section of your dashboard.

Click on "Tiers".

Next, go to “Add new tier” at the bottom.

As you create your new tier, you choose “one-time” and this will guide you through the tier creation process.

Important: We recommend that you add episodes to your tier before you launch it, so that your audience can receive your episodes right away. To do this, create your tier, save in draft, add episodes and then publish.

Where will I see data about one-time payments?

On your Acast+ landing page, you see the information about all of your members, including those who have bought a one-time payment offering. This is also available as an exportable list.

You will find data about your one-time payments on your shows Insights page. Go to, click on the Acast+ tab and then "One-time payment".

Here you can track your daily signups for your show as well as a total signup count bellow.

What if my audience member wants to cancel a one-time payment?

Because this is not a recurring payment, we don’t not allow cancellations for one-time purchases. For refunds for your listeners, please contact our support team in the Intercom chat.

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