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Setting up Acast+ dynamic episode-level custom intro and outro audio
Setting up Acast+ dynamic episode-level custom intro and outro audio
Acast+ allows you to tailor intro/outros to both your public and subscriber audiences.
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With Acast+, you have the ability to offer special episode-level content to both your subscribers and public audience.

Using this feature allows you to expand and target your content and how it's heard by both subscribed and non-subscribed listeners.

You can offer your public listeners a full regular episode and at the same time, upload bonus content to your Acast+ subscribers which plays at the end of the episode. Or you can add promos -- intros and outros for "public" listeners -- that encourage them to subscribe and get those longer episodes filled with bonus content.

Maybe you just want to add a special thank you at the end of an episode to the paid members supporting your show. With special episode-level content, Acast+ podcasts can customize or update episodes with all sorts of great new bits and pieces.

Where do I add this?

This easy-to-use feature can be found in the episode page under the Dynamic Content section when editing or publishing an episode. From here you can decide how you would like to tailor your intro and outro audio for both your public listeners and subscribers.

Once the audio files have been uploaded, be sure to save your changes. Listeners will receive the correct public or private audio files based on whether or not they listen on your public feed or a paid tier.

Will this override my ad content?

It's important to note that episode-level content does override any other tier or podcast-level audio but it does not interfere with ads.

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