Once you have set up your Acast+ account and subscription tiers, it’s time to get the message out to your listeners! With Acast+, we automatically insert a call to action link in your show and episode descriptions to encourage your listeners to subscribe to your show.

Why should I customize my call to action?

No one knows your listeners better than you. With Acast+, you can easily modify your call to action text however you like and what better way to encourage your listeners than directly speaking to them in your own voice and/or your own language!

How do I customize my call to action?

A walkthrough on how to customize your call to action text in the Acast+ dashboard

It’s easy! Once you are in your Acast+ dashboard, click on Settings from the navigation bar. Scroll down to the Customize your call to action section and start customizing your message. Once done, make sure to publish your changes! We’ll take it from there and automatically update your show and episode descriptions with your personalized call to action.

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