Publishing episodes with Acast+
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Now that you've set up your Acast+ account and customized your landing page, let’s get episodes behind your new tiers and to your Acast+ audience.

Important: If you have chosen ad-free or sponsorship-free as benefits to an Acast+ tier, you do not need to take any different actions with these episodes as you are publishing. They will automatically appear to your Acast+ audience in their ad-free format without any additional work!

(If you assign these episodes to a tier, you might accidentally remove them from your regular podcast feed, like you would want to do for an exclusive/bonus episode. No need to assign them to a tier if they are just expected to be ad-free to your paying audience.)

As you are publishing episodes

Acast+ is integrated into your publishing flow, so as you are publishing content to your publicly available podcast feed, you can also publish content to your Acast+ fans. This happens in the Publish settings part of the Acast CMS.

If you wish to publish a bonus or exclusive episode, pick a tier from the Listener Targets drop-down, illustrated below. The default is All Listeners and by choosing one of your new Acast+ tiers instead, that episode will only be delivered to that paying audience.

In the Publish settings page, you can also schedule episodes to deliver either to:

  • Your Acast+ audience first, giving them early access

  • Your general audience first, so your Acast+ audience has access to the archive

This is called the change access option, and you’ll see it in the publishing flow below.

Adding many episodes behind a tier

If you are building a one-time payment offering, or giving your audience access to the archive, you can add episodes to a specific tier in bulk. Go to the episodes section of your Acast account. Choose the episodes that should be moved to an Acast+ tier via the Assign Tiers drop-down.

Please note that if you are offering ad-free or sponsorship-free episodes as part of a tier, you do not need to take any action here.

Dynamic content

If you are offering longer episodes to your Acast+ fans, you can manage this in the dynamic content section, in the Episode details tab. Add the additional audio to the private intro/outro section, and just your Acast+ audience will hear it.

What about ads?

If your podcast is in Acast Marketplace, you will set your ad markers as usual within your dashboard. Acast+ will automatically remove these ads from your tiers with ad-free and sponsorship-free benefits.

Acast allows you to both monetize via ads, and also offer ad-free episodes to your Acast+ superfans.

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