Now that you've set up your Acast+ account and customized your landing page, let's discuss how you can set up episodes behind a paywall to ensure your listeners get the most out of their subscription.

Adding episodes behind a tier

There are two ways to place episodes behind a paywall or reward tier. You can add episodes to a specific tier in bulk at once by selecting each episode and assigning the tier that way.

Alternatively, you may set a tier to new episodes you are publishing. Follow the publishing process as usual. You'll notice a new step when you get to your Publishing settings page.

Here you can assign the episode to the correct tier and schedule your episode's release time as usual.

The change access option

A unique feature to Acast is the Change Access toggle in your Acast+ dashboard. This allows you to set an episode behind a paywall for a set amount of time. For instance, if you are releasing an early access episode that is then available more widely on your main feed, this option allows you to schedule this all at once (as opposed to having to schedule the episode or twice or log back in at a later date to change the tier).

What about ads?

If your podcast is in Acast Marketplace, you will set your ad markers as usual within your dashboard. Your episode will then be published to your Acast+ feed without ads and your main feed with ads appearing where you have designated them to be in your episode.

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