Are you ready to start making money by publishing exclusive podcast content? Great. Here we'll walk you through how to set up our new monetization feature, Acast+.

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6 Steps to set up your Acast+ exclusive show

After you've launched your Acast+ membership

6 Steps to set up your Acast+ exclusive show

  1. Log into your Acast account as usual

  2. Navigate to your "Monetize" tab on the header in your dashboard.

    monetize your podcast with acast+
  3. Click "New Membership", select a podcast (if you manage multiple shows, each will show up as an option).

  4. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions (Please note: only network owners can initiate new Acast+ subscriptions for your shows).

  5. Enter financial information through our partner, Stripe. None of this information will be shared with listeners.

  6. Set up your membership and customize your landing page.

After you've launched your Acast+ membership

After you’ve finished launching your Acast+ membership, a few things will happen:

  • A link to sign up will be automatically applied to all podcast and episode descriptions. This makes it easy to provide a call to action for your listeners to “Follow the link in the description to join”

  • Your revenue will be captured and managed directly inside Stripe. To see this, simply click the Acast+ button on your show page, and select “Go to Stripe dashboard

  • Within Stripe you can see your revenue and get paid out. Then, click the Account icon to manage your payout details and professional details. Under professional details, you can also add teammates to your Stripe account.

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