What does Acast+ cost to use?
And how will I get paid?
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Acast+ is an exciting new way for you, the Acast creator, to monetize your podcasts within the platform you're already using to produce your show. It cost nothing to sign up and you owe nothing until you start making money from your private feed.

What does it cost to use?

You will not be charged until you start earning money, but like any private feed provider, Acast does take a small (15%) revenue share of the money earned from paying listeners.

Additionally, Acast has partnered with Stripe for secure financial transactions. Stripe charges a processing fee based on the location of the paying member, typically in the amount of 2.9% plus an additional $0.30 per transaction.

Forms of payment and currencies

Listeners can sign up for your membership using all major debit and credit cards, Google pay, or Apple pay.

When setting up your membership, you will have the option to receive payment in one of seven currencies: AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, NOK, and USD.

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