What is Acast+

A membership your listeners will want to join and that scales with your podcast.

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A growing trend in podcasting today is creating and distributing exclusive content that sits behind a paywall. It's an excellent way for the most dedicated fans of your podcast to get more from you, their favorite creator. It's also a great way for you to capitalize on your hard work making creating your podcast. That's why we've created Acast+ for podcasters to take that next step in monetization and grow in their craft.

What is Acast+

Acast+ is our answer to your need for housing your private (ie: paid) podcast subscriptions in the same place where you are already hosting your podcast. And unlike other subscriptions, Acast+ works across most major podcast players including Apple Podcasts, Google, and more. (Spotify being the only major app that does not allow private podcast feeds).

acast+ hosts private feed for premier podcasters

What is a private podcast subscription?

A private podcast subscription is when a follower signs up and is given an RSS feed that is only provided to paid users. Private subscriptions can be as simple or as robust as you like. You can create different tiers for followers to subscribe to. Perhaps your first and least expensive tier offers ad-free content, but your second tier offers ad-free episodes along with bonus content each month. Acast+ makes it easy to determine and assign tiers when creating your rewards to paid subscribers. This allows you predictable, monthly revenue to help your podcast stay sustainable.

Additional Acast+ benefits include:

  • A seamless listener experience

  • Listener support

  • International currency support and translations

  • Direct relationships with your listeners

  • Export listener emails

  • Customizable promo tools

  • Industry-leading analytics

All within the dashboard you're already working in every day!

For those not already on Acast, sign up here.

For podcasters already hosted on Acast, we have many helpful articles to set up and launch your Acast+ show here.

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