Can I import information from another podcasting app?

In most podcast apps there is an option to export an OPML file, which is the golden file that contains your previous history. If you have the OPML file you can easily import it both in the iOS and Android app from the Settings menu.

If you have an iPhone and want to import from your Podcaster app, there’s an option to do that automatically in the iOS Acast app settings menu.

Can I export my listening history from the Acast app?

You can export an OPML file, which is the standard for listening data, in the settings of the app. If you then import this to your other podcast platform, all of your subscriptions will be carried over.

How do I activate autoplay?

  1. Select an episode.

  2. Scroll down the episode page.

  3. You should see an Autoplay toggle feature.

  4. You'll then see a queue of the next episodes in a list underneath.

Can I favorite episodes?

  1. Find the episode you want to favourite.

  2. On the episode list, you will see a three-dot menu to the right of the episode.

  3. Click those dots and you should have the option to Add to listen later.

  4. This will then be saved in your favourites area located in your profile.

Can I stream on Chromecast?

If you're using an Android device, you will see a Chromecast button appear when you are connected to any network with a Chromecast enabled device. You can use this to stream to the devices of your choice.

If your preferred flavor instead is an iOS device, the wireless audio options available are AirPlay and Bluetooth.

How can I delete my account?

No! Don't leave!

But really, if you need to, you can do this by accessing your account settings in the app and selecting “Delete account”. Please let us know, though, if there's anything we could have done to keep you around!

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