You've heard that your favorite podcast has exclusive content on Acast+, and you want to become a member ASAP? Yeah, we know the feeling! Here's how to get in on the fun

Step 1: Head to wherever you listen to your favorite podcast. This can be on your desktop at, or in your favorite podcasting app such as Apple, Downcast, Google Podcasts etc.

Step 2: Look for the "Become a member" link in the show's description.

Step 3: Once taken to, you can follow the prompts to gain access to the bonus content provided by your favorite podcasters.

Step 4: Some podcasters will have more than one level of subscription available. Make sure to read the options carefully before making your choice. (You can always upgrade or downgrade later if you change your mind)

chose the level of support you'd like for your Acast+ membership

Step 5: Add the private RSS feed to your podcasting app of choice (learn how here) and enjoy!

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