October 2021

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Welcome back to another edition of The Edit, Acast's monthly newsletter. As always, I'm Katy, Acast's Community Manager. I'm also an independent podcaster, obsessed with growth strategy and audience engagement. Every month, I dive deep into tips, tricks and hacks with the goal of getting you all the information you need to grow your podcast.

This month? Let's talk stats!

Three ways to put your Insights to work

If you're podcasting with Acast (which obviously you are!) then you have access to one of the most sophisticated podcast analytics programs out there: Insights. But what is all that awesome data worth if you don't know what to do with it? That's where we come in. Here are three ways you can be using the information from Insights to grow your show.

  1. Run tests and compare outcomes. If you've been releasing episodes on Tuesdays consistently for six weeks, you could try releasing on Wednesdays for the next six weeks. Then, within your Overview tab, you can compare your total numbers for each six-week period. Play around with factors like release date, time, and topics then compare the numbers. And if you find that a certain time and day works best for you, you can schedule your episodes ahead of time (instead of sitting around, anxiously waiting to hit publish!).

  2. Target your listeners geographically. The Location tab is incredibly useful in targeting where your audience is coming from. You can even click the drop-down menu on each country to see the highest-rated city in that region. There is so much you can do with this information! For instance, if Chicago is your highest-rated city for listens, then consider releasing episodes with the US Central time zone in mind. Or, you could do an episode based on a hot topic in that region. Another exciting opportunity would be for live shows. Live events are gearing up again! Planning on going on the road with your show? Look at your location tab to see where those efforts would be best received.

  3. Comparing content. As creators, we likely think every episode we create is quality content. And while an episode may seem great to you, some episodes may resonate better than others with audiences. See how episodes stack up against each other from within the Performance tab. Let's say you released two episodes with very different formats. You can compare the performance of those episodes over certain periods of time to help you recognize which people are enjoying more. This can help you make objective decisions about the content you release.

Have questions about Insights?

Join us LIVE to in a few days for our webinar, Aclass: Insights and Your Toolkit. Can't make it? RSVP anyway to get a link to watch the recording afterward. We also recognize this time isn't optimal for our European friends. Don't worry, I'll be hosting this one again for you guys in another time slot soon.

Are YOU doing something special with your Insights? Are you growing a huge community on social media? Seen a big jump in downloads after a cross-promotion? We want to bring back the Community Spotlight from last month, so let me know! I want to brag on you guys out there doing the work! Email me here.

Aclass: Indigenous Voices

Aclass Indigenous voices

Join Acast and special guest speakers on November 3. Aclass: Indigenous Voices hopes to inspire, celebrate, and amplify the voices of Indigenous peoples. We'll explore how to ensure Indigenous creators are hired, that their stories are told, and that their community finds a foothold within the podcast industry.

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New Feature alert: #ICYMI Your embed player now has a "Listen Later" feature. This means, if someone stumbles upon your embedded episode on your website and they aren't able to listen right then and there, they can send themselves a reminder to listen later! Pretty cool, huh? Oh, and if you're not using your embed player, here's why you should be.

listen later feature on your acast embed player

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"Here is a tip that I found to be invaluable and I hope it will be for you too! Before you even think about launching your podcast, do a tester. So, what does that mean? Basically record what you think you want your podcast to sound like as if this episode was to launch tomorrow, but knowing that it is a tester and may never make it as an episode on your podcast. It takes the pressure off and you get to listen back and hear what works and what doesn’t. It also affords you the opportunity to work the kinks out."

-Marco Timpano, The Insomnia Project

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