August 2021

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Podcast Movement 2021 took place last week in Nashville, Tennessee. We know a lot of interested folks couldn't make it this year (hope to see you in Dallas, 2022!) so we wanted to bring the main takeaways to you.

Key takeaways from Podcast Movement 2021:

  1. You need to be thinking of your SEO. Relying on being found within podcasting apps isn't enough. You need to be looking at ways to get your podcast on Google page one. A good way to get started is by making your customizable website pop.

  2. Monetization and memberships. Listeners and advertisers alike want authenticity and consistency. If your goal is community growth through subscriptions or to get more sponsors— you have to be real with your audience and you need to deliver your content on time. And if you're looking for sponsors, learn more about Acast Marketplace (and let us know what questions you have).

  3. Diversity is in demand. Spanish speaking podcasts are on the rise, women are owning their content and demanding a space in tech like never before and the panels about strengthening Black voices in podcasting were the most highly attended. Podcast listeners are wanting more diverse content and they want it now.

  4. Cross-promotion. Cross-promotion. Cross-promotion. John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneurs of Fire suggested you aim for 20 guest spots a month. While we understand that's not attainable for all podcasters, we do believe that connecting with other podcasters with a similar audience and seeing how you can promote each other's shows is a great way to get your numbers up.

Do you use social media? We want to feature you. 👀

Does your Instagram look like a curated masterpiece? Can you translate your TikTok followers into listens? Do you have tips on managing killer Facebook Discussion groups? Let us know. We want to see what you're working on. We'd love to feature some of our impressive independent podcasters in their social element.

And while you're out there sharing your amazing content, make sure you're taking advantage of the tools at your fingertips like:

Twitter embed sharing
YouTube integrations

#ICYMI, Acast hosted our first Alcass: Know Your Toolkit webinar this week. Catch up here.

Podcasting news August 2021
  • Facebook is trying its hand at podcast streaming and while some larger creators have been taking advantage of this feature for months, it will be available to all podcast pages by September 2021 (according to stated Kristen Freethy and Irena Lam of Facebook at Podcast Movement, 2021).

  • Is your podcast already on Facebook? If so, we'd love to see it in action. Reply here with a link to your page.

  • Music in podcasting: Make sure you know what you can and can't use. (hint: It's probably not commercial music.) However, if you're looking for some sounds for your show, Acast podcasters can save 30% on most monthly subscriptions from Epidemic Sound with code acastepidemicsound2021 (code expires December 31, 2021)

  • Want to connect with other Acast podcasters? Join our Slack or Facebook group. Here you can find like-minded creators for cross-promotions, tips, and other upcoming community resources.

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Pro-Tip of the Day:

"Quality podcasting equipment doesn’t have to be the most expensive! A bit of research can do wonders."- Liv Albert, Let's Talk About Myths Baby

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