June 2021

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​TikTok has 50 million users a day in the US alone, so it’s a great opportunity to grow your podcast. Here are some tips and tricks for growing your audience on TikTok.

Take short videos of yourself and your guests while recording. They don’t have to be perfect quality but do try to catch some of your more animated and captivating conversations. The Acast podcast SideNote, by creators AsapSCIENCE, demonstrates this wonderfully on their wildly popular TikTok account.

Use the Acast Snipper Feature. If you aren’t using the Snipper feature to take the audio from your podcast to create short animated videos, you’re missing out. They’re perfect for short social media clips, like those on TikTok.

Recycle popular audio in your feed. A staple of the platform is that creators will take audio from other videos and recreate them. This quick and simple practice is one of the fastest ways to gain followers — and it’s quite often pretty funny.

Use hashtags (but not too many). Before you post a video, find content you enjoy or that is relevant to your podcast’s genre. What hashtags did you use to find it? Consider using one or two of the same — plus #FYP (which stands for “For Your Page”) — as it can help TikTok put your videos into the right algorithms of potential fans.

Use your bio and screen name strategically. Make sure your handle on TikTok is easy for followers to find. Stick to the name of your show if you can, and make sure to link to your Acast website in your bio.

Are you on TikTok?

If so, share your page with us — along with your most useful tips for a successful podcaster’s TikTok. Maybe we’ll see you in the next newsletter.

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  • #PodforChange : Acast is encouraging all our creators to spread the word about a podcast community initiative to help those in desperate need battling COVID-19 in India. GiveIndia.com is raising awareness by asking podcasters to encourage donations in their show notes, create a call to action in their latest episodes, and by using their social media platforms to promote #PodForChange. Please make sure you direct your followers to Covid.GiveIndia.org to help.

  • Do you embed? Did you know embedding your podcast can double the chances of finding new followers? We’ll do a deeper dive into this in a future newsletter, but in the meantime you can learn more here.

  • Just getting started? In an effort to grow your database of knowledge, we have expanded our Help Site to now include a Podcasting 101 section. We want this to be an excellent resource if just getting started, or if you need a refresher on all topics from microphones, show art and more! Did we miss something that all new podcasters should know? Let us know.

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