September 2021

We're back! It's another edition of Aclass: The Edit, Acast's monthly newsletter for our podcasting community. I'm Katy, Acast's new Community Manager. I'm beyond excited to connect with every one of you up-and-coming creators. Feel free to drop me a line if there's anything you'd like to hear more of.

Do you know SEO?

SEO, search engine optimization, is a hot topic right now in the world of podcasting. By being deliberate with the words you use to describe your podcast and episodes, you can help your podcast rank higher in both podcasting apps; like Apple, Spotify, and Acast; but also on Google itself. Here are the top three actions you can start taking today to boost your Google findability.

  1. Create thorough show notes. Show notes are the text that accompanies your podcast in all podcatchers. Using links, keywords and an in-depth description of your episode will help your content to be located on the web more easily.

  2. Research high-performing keywords for your genre. Keywords are high-performing words or phrases that people are likely to be using to search for a certain topic. You can optimize your show notes and titles by using tools like Google Trends to help you discover what people are searching for when looking for podcasts in your genre or a specific episode topic.

  3. Have a website for your podcast. Having a website for your podcast is the number one way to increase your SEO. There are plenty of hosting options out there like Wordpress or Squarespace. For discoverability, creating a page within your website dedicated to each episode, that you can in turn fill with in-depth show notes, links to your sources, and then encourage any guests to link to will do wonders for your discoverability. However, these platforms aren't always cheap or easy to create. But don't worry, there is a free option for creating a website for your podcast.

Want to learn more about boosting your SEO? Watch our webinar.

Acast websites: your podcaster portfolio

Acast wants to make sure you're optimizing those search engines. So, in that effort, we provide all of our podcasters with a free Acast website. If you're on our Ace or Influencer plan, these websites are totally customizable, too. I want you to think of your Acast website not only as a way to increase your SEO but also as a podcaster portfolio. Here you can house your full back catalog of episodes, show people where to follow you, and advertise your social media platforms or even Patreon account.

behind her empire podcast website with acast

Notice here that Acast podcast Behind her Empire uses stylized guest photos and detailed show notes to create a simplistic and professional aesthetic. Show notes include timestamps and social media calls to action. Do you have a great Acast website or is there a functionality or feature you would like to see on Acast websites? Let us know! We want to brag on you.

Community Spotlight: All Bases Covered

Last month we asked you to share with us any outstanding work you might be doing to grow your podcast and engage your audience on social media. And Alex from All Bases Covered showed us how they were doing just that on their Instagram page. All Bases Covered is a beauty and lifestyle podcast that recently celebrated its second anniversary. To maintain a curated and professional-looking feed, Alex sticks to similar color palettes and the use of simple backdrops to keep a consistent, and recognizable look.

We love hosting Instagram Live events with our podcasters!
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Google is updating its requirements. Are you ready for the new Google requirements for podcast recommendations? If you're using Acast as a host, chances are you already meet the new requirements (that go into effect September 21st). If you're not sure, head here to learn how to qualify (Don't worry. It's really simple).

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#ICYMI I'm hosting a webinar about using your Acast tools to increase your SEO. Hope to see you there.

Pro-tip of the day:

"Be consistent. Always show up and do the show, even if you think no one is listening. Every week. Same time. If you build a habit, so will your listeners."
-Matt Marr from Reality Gays

reality gays host a show on acast
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