We know you've started using the awesome new, exclusive integration between Acast and Patreon, and we're super excited because it has been demonstrated already to boost Creators audience and revenue.

To make the most of the integration, here are some important tips and reminders about how to set up your podcast correctly, and you can click each headline for more details.

Keep in mind that your Acast episodes won't automatically publish as posts on your Patreon page. They will appear for your Patreons as usual though in their apps where they are subscribed. If you want your episode to also be visible in the Patreon feed with your posts, you will have to create a post manually.

1. Assign your episodes to tiers

Once you have imported your podcast to Acast, it's time to assign episodes to Patreon tiers. This is super easy—and you can do it in bulk, too!

NOTE: If you leave an episode without a tier, then it's a public episode. Having some public episodes is a great way to give interested followers a taste of your work, as well as a clear way to encourage them to become patrons of your exclusive episodes.

2. Enable your Acast RSS feed on Patreon

After importing your Patreon podcast, and assigning your episode tiers, you will see a notification about an important final step: you need to enable Acast in your Patreon RSS Settings to deliver your feed to patrons.

This will ensure that:

  • Your existing members will have uninterrupted access to your episodes,

  • New members get easy access to your show on their app of choice

On the Patreon creator Page Settings, scroll to the bottom and make sure that "Enable Acast RSS audio feed" is checked. And then scroll all the way to the top and click "Save Changes".

3. Do you have a public podcast as well as a Patreon podcast? Awesome!

Part of what makes Acast’s system uniquely impressive is that you can offer your listeners the opportunity to get public and private episodes in the same feed. This means that fans who are subscribed to your Patreon feed could get your public episodes from the same place they get your private ones—an amazing experience.

You'll then choose to Import an existing show, and enter the name or RSS feed URL for your public show. Once that's complete, you’ll then have both your feeds imported.

When you would like Acast to merge these two “shows” into one feed, just ping us on the Intercom chat bubble and we will take care of this for you promptly.

4. Get sharing!

We provide a smart, simple link for you to use everywhere—Twitter, Instagram, show notes, and tattoos 😄 Why? This is the link you should share with fans and members alike to encourage them to join your Patreon (if they're not yet members) or access your show (if they are). Get this link from your Acast dashboard by clicking the Patreon button.

When someone clicks the link, it prompts them to sign in with Patreon and checks their membership. If they are a member, then it gives them access to the show at the tier level they're entitled to. If they are not yet a member, if prompts them to sign up and become a member.

They will be prompted with several great podcast apps to use, they can listen right there on the page, or they can just grab the RSS feed for use in their own app, too. So many options to give your listeners access to your show!

HINT: If any members are having difficulty accessing their content, this is the best link to send them.

HINT 2: That link will probably not work for you, since, even though you may love the sound of your own voice, you probably are not a paid up member of your own show 😅 To see exactly what listeners would get from your show, you can get your own, personal feeds like this.

We're so excited to welcome you to this better way of delivering your shows to your fans, and can't wait to see what you do with it.

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