Updated August 23, 2021

Google Podcasts offers recommendations to their users based on similar content that they follow. This is a great way to be discovered by a wider audience. However, Google is changing its requirements for shows to qualify to be featured as recommendations. The new requirements must be met by September 21, 2021.

If you received this notification from Google you may not be sure if your podcast meets the new requirements. Here's what you need to know.

Cover art

Google will no longer promote shows whose RSS feeds do not include a "valid, crawlable image". What that means is that your podcast needs cover art. Updating your artwork within the Acast Create dashboard is so simple. And once you've taken care of that, your RSS feed will reflect the changes automatically.

Helpful tips:

Podcast Websites

Another new requirement reads that "RSS feeds must include correctly formatted link to valid homepage". This just means your podcast needs to be linked to a website to help with discoverability. You may update your website from within your Create Settings tab.

Helpful tips:

  • If your podcast does not yet have a website, you can use the play.acast.com page associated with your show.

And that's it. Once you ensure that your cover art is updated and your website is linked, your RSS feed will update automatically, ensuring you qualify to continue to be featured in Google Podcasts recommendations.


If I don't make these changes by September 21st, will my show be removed from Google Podcasts?

No. It will simply not be eligible for recommendations. But current subscribers will still receive notifications and be able to listen through this platform.

Is this all I need to do to meet Google's new requirements?

Google has enforced a number of other requirements, but if you're podcasting with Acast, you already meet them. For example, Google requires podcasters to now have an email address and show description, which are both already needed to publish with Acast.

How else can I make changes to my RSS feed?

This article walks you through all the changes you can make to your RSS feed right from within the Acast dashboard.

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