It's really simple to edit your show details through Acast's dashboard, which provides direct control over the tags in your RSS feed.

For example, changing the 'Subtitle' field on Acast will automatically change the <itunes:subtitle> tag in your RSS feed. Almost any detail or tag can be changed, including your title, description, keywords, and author status. Having these tags updated is important for apps like Apple or Spotify to display and recommend your podcast to listeners.

Editing your show

Go to your show in Acast, and click the Settings tab.

Editing your Acast RSS feed

From this page, you can update any of the following:

  • Cover Art: Image that is displayed for your show. Must be square, between 1400x1400 and 3000x3000 pixels, and either .png or .jpg.

  • Name: The title of your podcast. Make it catchy and unique!

  • Description: Includes a brief overview of your podcast content and any information you'd like listeners to be aware of.

  • Website: A link to your podcast websites, or you can include the page for your show instead.

  • Type: Episodic (for weekly, regular releases) or Serial (for seasonal shows)

  • Tags: Keywords related to your show to aid in search. Include 1-3 total.

  • Categories: Used by apps such as Apple Podcast to classify your show and to help listeners find your podcast

  • Language: Spoken in show

  • Explicit Content: Mark "Yes" if your show contains explicit language or content not appropriate for children.

  • Author: Name of the show creators or owner.

  • Email: Must be an actual email.

  • Copyright: Used in cases where content has been copyrighted. Otherwise, you can leave blank or include the year (i.e. 2021)

Any changes you make will be automatically reflected in your RSS feed and pushed to all listeners and apps!

Updating your podcast information in acast
updating your RSS feed in Acast

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