New Acast Dashboard FAQ
June 2021
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What kind of changes are coming?

We’re improving the tooling used to publish and share your episodes to help you find new audiences. Nothing related to your existing episodes or podcasts are changing. Your login is the same, users are the same, and your listeners won’t be impacted in any way.

New and Improved Ad Management

One area where your workflow may differ is managing and placing ad markers. Moving forward, you will need to add a midroll after you hit publish for each episode. This article contains information on how to do so.

Note: Failing to place ad markers will result in less revenue for your show! Head here to learn why.

We’ve also reduced the episode duration threshold for midroll ads. Now, all episodes that are at least 10+ min in length are eligible for midrolls (previously, only episodes that were 20+ min were eligible). Be sure to go back and place midrolls on episodes where you may have missed them in the past to get all the ad goodness!

acast dashboard monetize your podcast

Additionally, you can now disable/enable ads for an entire episode, giving you full control of your show. Launching a trailer and don’t want to distract with ads? No problem. Click disable and no ads will play.

turn on monetization for your podcast

With all of these changes, you may be thinking it will be hard to keep track of your ad load per episode. That’s why we’ve created an “Ad Settings” section right on your dashboard! You can quickly see which episodes are fully ready for ads, those that you’ve disabled for ads, and episodes missing midroll markers all in one place:

how to set your ad markers in Acast

We’re keeping all the good stuff.

The Acast Campaign Manager, Supporter Tool, Insights, and User Management will remain exactly the same. Additionally, your publishing flow and RSS feeds will contain the same fields as before.

There are many new tools we recommend diving into once you get access. We’ve included links to key help articles below to get you started, or you can access all of our help docs at .

What new features are coming?

The new dashboard looks fresh and has numerous advantages. Some highlights include:

How will this affect my listeners?

Your listeners will not know a change was made and your podcasts will continue to be fully available for listening across all platforms.

How will this affect my analytics?

Your metrics and Insights will remain exactly the same.

How will my campaigns be affected?

All ad delivery will continue as targeted.

Does this awesome new dashboard cost extra?

The new dashboard is an improved version of your previous dashboard, and therefore does not have any new costs associated.

Am I losing any features?

The only feature we are retiring from the old dashboard is the Blings tool. But don’t worry - we have loads of new goodies coming your way.

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