There are several reasons that you may want to host a private podcast. For instance, if you're teaching a class — you only want to provide those episodes to your students. Luckily, Acast has an easy solution.

What's the difference between a public and private podcast?

Typically, a podcaster will make their show as accessible as possible. This includes distributing it to all the major podcasting apps and advertising it on social media. But when your show is not made for the general public, you want to make it available only to those in the know.

How do I create and share my private podcast?

Log into your Acast dashboard and go to your Settings tab.

From here, scroll down to the Advanced tab and open. The first item you'll see is option make your show private.

My show is private. What now?

Now, it's time to share with your followers. Go back to the top of your screen and find the drop down menu that reads Share Links.

Now you can share the link to your customizable website or private RSS feed with your community.

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