Sharing your podcast on social media is the perfect way to get your podcast into the eyes and ears of new listeners. And the Acast Snipper feature is a great tool to share short, engaging sections of your podcast.

What is the Snipper feature?

Snipper is an audiogram feature Acast provides that allows you to share short audio snips of your episodes along with subtitles from your show. They can be between 5 and 20 seconds, which is perfect for sharing on Instagram stories (which allows videos of 15 seconds) or whatever platform you interact with your users the most.

How to create a Snip

First, you'll need to upload a new episode and press publish. Then, within your dashboard you'll see the button that reads Snipper.

Acast will then get to work on creating your transcript. This can take a few minutes, and you will receive an email when complete.

Once complete, you can go back into your snipper dashboard to view your transcript. Highlight the engaging piece of dialogue you'd like to use and press "Create Snip". You can only highlight so much text as your audio can only be up to 20 seconds long. You may also need to edit the transcript to ensure the wording and spellings are correct.

Once ready, you can now download your Snip or share it directly to your Facebook or Twitter from within you Acast dashboard.

Enjoy! Happy podcasting.

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