Here at Acast we are excited to provide the opportunity for podcasters to monetize and make money on their shows. Our cutting edge dynamic ad technology is now available to all podcasters! You now have the ability to have ads inserted throughout your shows and generate revenue from ad impressions.

Who qualifies for ads?

  1. Ads are available to eligible Influencer and Ace plan users.
    Check out our plans here or contact us directly if you need to change your account!

  2. Once you are on a qualified plan and don't have any copyrighted material (i.e. commercial music - learn more about why you should not include it), no non-brand safe content, or existing ads reach out to our Customer Success team directly in your dashboard or at and we can send you our quick questionnaire to get started!

  3. There is no minimum listenership to get started with ads!
    That being said, the more listeners the better!
    Once you hit the minimum revenue threshold of $50 USD you will receive an invoice with easy next steps on collecting your generated ad income. Check out our Acast Slack Community , Facebook Community and our Help Center for helpful tips to grow your podcast and generate even more revenue!

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions in your dashboard or via!

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