In the world of podcasting, we know flexibility, visibility, and availability are important, and that applies to all forms of podcast distribution—not just in podcast apps.

So you've spent time building an awesome website or blog post and now you're looking for a way to share your show to a wider audience without them leaving the page. Acast's embed player is the simple solution to growing your audience.

They're a great addition to your content and also customizable.

Now that your ready, let's dive into the how-to:

Embedding With Multiple Episodes

Want a single embed player with all your episodes in the one place? Easy peasy!

To add your shows embed player with multiple episodes, first go to the show dashboard then click on the Embed Player button. (left hand side under the show image)

You will get a pop-up window with settings (General and Style) which you can change to your liking or leave as default. At the bottom is the Sharing Options where you can copy the code for your site or social media.

Once you've copied the code, add it to your page and you're all set!

Embedding For Single Episodes

Want different episodes for different pages? We've got that covered as well.

This as easy as the prior instructions but with one extra step. Simply click on the episode you want to share.

Now you're an embed wizard with another place for people to find your content.

SquareSpace users find additional instructions here.

WordPress users find additional instructions here.

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