Choosing a Format

Give your show structure by choosing a format that works for you!

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Some people can just plug in a mic and create amazing content. That's great, but for us mere mortals, taking the time to plan out how your show will flow is a great idea. When you're thinking about launching a podcast, you really want to consider your format.

The most popular podcast formats are:


The interview format is one of the most popular ways podcasters have chosen to present their thoughts to the world. Think about ways to make yours stand out.

Happy mum, happy baby is an interview podcast hosted on Acast

Happy Mum, Happy Baby is a great example of an interview-style show in the Acast network.


In this approach to podcasting, a small group of people discuss a particular topic. This can consist of the same group of commentators each time or rotate hosts and guests.

TV Recap

TV recaps are growing in popularity every day and for a good reason. They are a lot of fun! Some great Acast examples are the BBC’s Obsessed With series and Reality Gays with Mattie and Poodle.


This is how we describe a podcast that has an ‘idea’ that they repeat every episode.

My Dad Wrote a porno is a podcast on Acast with a very specific format.

My Dad Wrote a Porno is a successful format style show in the Acast family.


This could mean investigating and telling one real-life story across a series like The Battersea Poltergeist, or telling a different story each week like they do on They Walk Among Us.

Daily News

Daily news podcasts are also growing in popularity rapidly. While this format is dominated by larger publications, like Guardian’s "Today in Focus" and The Economist’s "The Intelligence", this doesn't stop independent podcasters from getting in on the fun. However, do be aware that daily is a time commitment. Make sure this is a realistic goal for you!

two key takeaways for choosing a format when starting a podcast

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