IAB standards determine that we should always refer to 'downloads' rather than 'listens' based on the data available in podcasting.

How can I calculate streams versus downloads?

According to IAB standards, it is not possible to differentiate between stream and downloads when using raw download requests. It is possible to see whether a partial or full download request was made:

Status code of request

200 - full download request

206 - partial download request

However, the behaviour of making multiple partial download requests does not equate to streaming, and download request patterns can vary considerably between third party platforms.

Acast groups partial download requests that meet IAB filtering standards as a single valid download and assigns listen_group_id

How do you define a qualified download?

There are several flags in the data (e.g. is_iab_ua_blacklist, is_listen_group_start, is_listen_group_legit, is_tag_ip_blacklist, opens_iab_valid_listen) that show how Acast processes the logs.

Each of these flags are added during our daily processing of the raw logs based on the request information and the standards set by the IAB. Then using these flags, we can determine a qualified listen ‘TRUE/FALSE’. The full detail breakdown of this process is under ‘Recommended Process for Measurement’ in the IAB Guidelines.

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