How do I work out total listens for an episode?

Total listens for a given episode can be calculated by looking at the number of iab_valid_listen = TRUE log for each episode episode_title.

For pre-filtered logs, this will be all logs as we will only be providing iab_valid_listen = TRUE logs in the export.

For exports with all raw logs, this will filter out iab_valid_listen = FALSE logs.

How do I work out the average completion rate for an episode?

Completion rate is a difficult metric to calculate in podcasting because of the way audio files are requested from servers by third-party podcast platforms. A download requests can either be made for ‘full downloads’ or ‘partial downloads’, when podcast platforms make range requests for sections of an episode.

In podcasting we have little visibility on whether listeners actually listened to these downloads. It means that we cannot build a good picture of how far through a listener may have got through an episode based on partial downloads with the required degree of accuracy. This is an industry-wide challenge.

At Acast, we do not use download requests from RSS listening to measure completion rate, because of the IAB standards. Listen through rates found in Acast’s Insights platform are only from Acast’s embed player and the app, where we can retrieve first party client information.

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