In the dashboard view’s top right corner there’s a big blue button that says “New Campaign”. This button will take a user directly to the campaign editing view in which all campaign details and components are entered.

First you'll need to upload the audio creative (you can book a campaign without a creative but it will not begin delivery until you add one). You can listen to the audio directly in the UI as well as upload a new one, download it or remove it.

Next you'll have to add a campaign name and pick the ad position; pre-, mid- or post-roll. Only one position can be targeted per campaign.


There are multiple targeting options you can select when building out a campaign. One or multiple countries / regions can be targeted. If you wish to targeted the campaign against Global listens, just check the box. You'll also need to select the show you would like to target from your Network. One or multiple shows can be targeted. Press the "Select all" button to select all shows tied to this network. If you want to target specific episodes within a single show, select the "Advanced targeting" box and use the drop-down calendar to select the episode publish dates.


Next select the flight time for the campaign. If a day has a yellow box around it, it means there are conflicting bookings or proposals for that ad slot and targeting options. Once you select a specific range, the system will show up all Conflicting bookings on the lefthand side. You can click into any bookings or proposals that have the "View" option and a new tab will open taking you directly to that campaign. Any campaigns booked directly by Acast (as shown by the grayed out box and "by Acast" status) cannot be directly clicked-into this way.


You can choose between Unlimited and Limited impression goals. "Unlimited" will enable an unlimited impression goal for the campaign, and the campaign will deliver on all listens until the end date has been reached. If you want to select your own impression goal, you just tick "Limited" and then enter your desired impression goal in the box. If you want use the estimated impression goal - as can be seen at the bottom of the screen - just click "Use Estimate" and the box will be populated by the estimated impression goal (based on the last 28 days of delivery).

Cost for advertiser is an entirely optional field that does not impact delivery or campaign cost. In this field you may enter either a CPM or a Fixed price that is being booked or pitched to the client. By filling out this field, the calculation for “Estimated cost for advertiser” will be performed and surfaced on the bottom of the screen.

The "Third party tracking" field allows you to enter multiple 3rd party attribution tracking URLs in. See this article on the specific steps needed to customize your tracking URLs.

Finally when everything has been filled out, you can either save the campaign as a Proposal or a Booked campaign. You will need to confirm a booking before it saves.

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