Part of what makes Acast’s system uniquely impressive is that you can offer your listeners the opportunity to get public and private episodes in the same feed. This means that fans who are subscribed to your Patreon feed could get your public episodes from the same place they get your private ones—an amazing experience.

Adding your public show

To set this up, we’ll import your public show from wherever it's presently hosted (e.g. Libsyn, SoundCloud, Spreaker, Buzzsprout etc.), and this part takes only about a minute. Simply click the Shows button (top left), and then hit New Show.

You'll then choose to Import an existing show, and enter the name or RSS feed URL for your public show. Once that's complete, you’ll then have both your feeds imported.

When you would like Acast to merge these two “shows” into one feed, just ping us on the Intercom chat bubble and we will take care of this for you promptly.

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