Acast+ is a revolutionary way your favorite podcasters are offering you, their biggest fans, ad-free listening experiences and bonus content.

We have listed our most common questions below, but feel free to reach out if you are not finding your answer here. Looking for the Swedish article? Click here.

How do I listen to the show?

1. Go to and sign in with the same provider you signed up with

2. Click ••• / Listen on the show

3. Choose your preferred app

4. Add the new show (The new show will be named “Show name+ (Member plan)”)

5. Listen to your Acast+ show from now on

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How do I become a member of a show?

Look for the “Become a member” link in the show’s description — or, if you’re using the Acast app, you’ll see a green button next to the usual yellow “Subscribe” button. This will take you to, where you can follow the on-screen steps to gain access to any bonus content offered by the creator.

How do I cancel or manage a podcast membership?

You can manage your subscriptions from your Acast+ page at

I seem to have two feeds now. Why?

Your new, private feed has been added to your podcast app, and you can use this to access all exclusive content alongside the show’s free, public episodes. It will be marked clearly. The public feed still exists, and you can remove this from your app if you’d like to — but please note the new private feed will not retain your historical listening data (such as which episodes you’ve already listened to) if you’d previously been using the public feed.

Can I upgrade from one tier to another?

Yes, and it can be done from your page.

Which podcast apps can I use?

You can use your favourite app as long as it supports personal RSS feeds and allows you to add these to it. Almost all podcast players — including Apple Podcasts and Castbox— support this, but please bear in mind that Spotify is currently one of the few exceptions.

Now I’m a member, how do I start listening to my exclusive content on my iOS or Android device?

Head to and log in. Then, hit Options > Listen. Follow the steps on screen to add the show to your preferred podcast app. If you are not immediately seeing this, you may need to swipe/scroll in this section.

Can I share my Acast+ membership content with others?

No. Your subscription belongs to you only, and is connected to your account.

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