This article is for users of the Acast Create embed player. If you are unsure whether you are an Acast Create or Acast Open user, please reach out via Intercom.

What does Acast use Google Analytics for with the Embed player?

Google Analytics is used to track the general use of the embed player for performance purposes. General use includes button clicks, session lengths, bounce rates. This data helps Acast to improve the performance of our products.

This information is not shown in your Acast Insights dashboard - the data you can see in Insights from the embed player is listening statistics and listen through rates, which you can read more about here.

We do not collect individual information, such as demographic data, of the users of the embed player. Our usage of Google Analytics is detailed in our cookie policy, which you can read more about here.

Can I add my own Google Analytics tracking?

It is possible to add your own Google Analytics tracking to the Acast embed player using the embed customisation tool and selecting 'Custom' under Google Analytics. Read about using the embed customisation tool here.

If you decide to use your own Google Analytics tracking, no data that Google Analytics collects will be shared with Acast. Typically, Google Analytics provides data around page views, clicks, bounce rates, sessions per users, etc. All of this data will be exclusive to you as the Google Analytics user.

However, Acast will still receive data related to the download of the audio file. Once an embed player user presses play, our servers will receive the request for the audio files and our data system will store this request information for use in your show's listening data, as it does from other third-party podcast platforms.

Can I disable Acast embed player's Google Analytics?

Yes, you can choose to disable Google Analytics on the embed player, by using the embed customisation tool and selecting 'Disable' under Google Analytics.

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