If you want to change the default appearance of the Acast embed player, but don't want to build one from scratch using the postMessage API, you can use the embed preview page to quickly and easily customize the look and feel so it matches the branding of your show or website.

When you first navigate to the embed preview page, you'll be asked for the show slug, which can be obtained from the last part of the appropriate play.acast.com URL:

Once the show slug has been loaded, you can select between a Playlist-style player or a single episode player. The Playlist offers 3 sized (small, medium and large) while the single episode one offers multiple different sizes and layouts.

A. You can choose between a Horizontal or Vertical layout as well as a regular or slim player size. You can also selected between a Light, Dark or Custom theme

B. If you select the Custom theme, you can use hex values to change the player colors. You can also hide the Acast logo or the Follow option

C. Here you can enable or disable the default Google Analytics tracking. You can also use a custom Google Analytics tracking ID

D. You can use any font supported by Google Fonts (default is Roboto). To change the font paste this URL in the Custom Font SRC box followed by the name of the font: https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=

E. Once you're happy with the look of the embed player, you can grab the iframe code directly and add it to your website. You can also manually change the size of the player by editing the width= and height= fields

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