This article is for Acast Enterprise users that have signed up to Access for Publishers. For more information about this service, speak your local content manager.

How do I make sure an episode is available on the public feed?

To make an episode private and not available to public listeners, you can use the Locked episode toggle in the Access settings. Otherwise, the episode file you uploaded will automatically be publicly available. Simply publish as normal to make the episode publicly available.

Is it possible to have 'public only' episodes?

It is not currently possible to upload full episodes that are only available on the public feed, and not the private feed. The best listening experience for private subscribers is when they can hear all the show's content on one feed - if you would like to add content for public listeners only to promote the Access feed, try using the dynamic audio features available.

Can I still monetise my show with ads on Access for Publishers?

Yes! This is a great way to balance revenue streams between advertisements and subscriptions. You can either choose to have ad-free private feeds or other ad combinations - reach out to your content manager when setting up Access for Publishers as ad settings cannot be controlled from within Acast dashboard.

When uploading episodes to Access, make sure to place your ad markers in the publishing flow.

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