This article is for Acast Enterprise users that have signed up to Access for Publishers. For more information about this service, speak your local content manager.

On the episode level, Access for Publishers allows you to upload public episodes, lock episodes to be private, add promotional content or dynamically insert bonus material.

If Access for Publishers has been activated on your show, when uploading a new episode there is an additional Access Settings tab within the publishing flow.

Depending on the type of content you want to deliver, either publicly or to paying subscribers, you can use the Access settings to set the type of episode. Begin by uploading the main episode content as normal:

Public Episode

If you want the entire episode to be publicly available, complete the publishing flow as normal. Fill in the episode details, leave the Access settings blank, edit the ad markers (if you show is taking advertisements) and set the episode to publish.

Private/Locked Episode

If you would like the episode to only be visible to subscribers on the private feed, toggle Locked episode. This means that no episode content will be made available on the public feed. Then, publish as normal.

Dynamic Audio

If you would like some parts of the episode to be available on the public feed, and some parts to only be available on the private feed, then make use of the dynamic audio options, more details to be found here.

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