This article is for Acast Enterprise users that have signed up to Access for Publishers. For more information about this service, speak your your local content manager.

On the show level, Access for Publishers allows you to set different show information, depending on whether the listener is using a public or a private, authenticated feed.

To update this information, go to 'Settings' within the Acast dashboard:

If Access for Publishers has been activated on your show, you will see both General settings and Acast Access settings.

General Settings

This is the show information that will be available on the public version of the feed, and visible in places such as the Apple Podcasts catalogue.

Under Description it is possible to include a link to the site that you would like podcast listeners to visit to becoming pay subscribers. To convert listeners to subscribers, you can use the 'public promo opening' within the publishing flow, and then use the 'link' function to create a linkable link to your sign-up page.

Acast Access Settings

Under Acast Access settings, it is possible to customise the logo, title and show description in the private version of the show accessed by paying subscribers. These will only be visible to those who have signed up and created an authenticated feed.

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