This article is for Enterprise users with access to data exports.

Once your data export is set up you will be receiving daily logs of your listening data, either raw or pre-filtered according to IAB v2 standards.

What is 'reach'?

In podcasting, reach is the number of unique devices that has consumed your podcast. This is calculated using a combination of IP address and user agent. The reach tab is already available in Acast Insights.

How to calculate reach from the data export

IP addresses are considered personal information, which is why they are hashed in the data exports to protect data privacy. However, the hashed IP addresses are unique to the same IP, and can be used to calculate reach.

The field ip_ua_hash is a hashed combination of IP address and user-agent, and used by Acast to calculate reach.

To calculate reach over a given period of time from your data exports:

  1. Count unique ip_ua_hash if this field is included in export

  2. Create a hash of ua_source, then concatenate ip with the hashed ua_source and then count uniques

Reach over Time

Due to GDPR regulations, the hashing of IP addresses is rotated every calendar month. This means that, unique listeners can be calculated for the entire month and for periods within that month, but not for longer periods or dates that overlap calendar months.

Due to the nature of calculating uniques by combining IP and user-agent in podcasting, we strongly advise against calculating uniques over large amounts of time, given the frequency with which IP addresses and user-agents can change. Acast calculates unique reach over 1 day and 7 day period, because of the degree of accuracy we can ensure.

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