This article is for users for the Acast Create and Insights dashboard. If you are unsure whether you are an Acast Create or Acast Open user, please reach out via Intercom.

The Behaviour tab is the primary tool you can use to understand your show's audience. The tab is split in three sections: Subscribers, Listen-through Rate and Your Listeners Also Listen To.

The Subscribers section shows the number of subscribers your show has across the Acast iOS and Android mobile apps. By default, you can see a daily breakdown over the last 30 days. Use the dropdown menu to increase or decrease that range.

Use the Listen-through Rate section to understand what percentage of listeners finish an episode. By default, the most recent episode is selected, but you can change that using the dropdown menu. This data is powered by both the Acast iOS and Android apps as well as the Acast embed player.

Note: A minimum of 100 user sessions for the selected date range are needed in order to display this data.

You can also see the top 10 podcasts your subscribers listen to. This data is powered by the Acast iOS and Android mobile apps.

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