As mentioned here, the Flex system rapidly detects and imports the episode, minimising the time from publishing to delivery of audio files through the Acast system.

To make this integration tighter and maximise ad delivery on all download requests from the first listen, a Flex partner can implement a pre-heating endpoint to import episodes into the Flex system before they have been published to the RSS feed.

Technical requirements

The preheating endpoint the correct source URL of the audio file to be known at the time of the episode is sent to the Flex system via the endpoint.

The source URL is sent in a GET call, triggering the import mechanism ahead of the episode being published so the file is ready for stitching from the first download request.

The request is to be made to:<sourceUrl>

Where sourceUrl is the original file url that would be in the RSS without the flex prepend.

Example episode URL with Flex prepend 

Example expected pre-heating call<url>

This will either queue the file on the Flex system, or return the status information if it's already there.

A header x-api-key will be needed to access the endpoint, with one API per provider. Please reach out to your Acast technical account manager to generate the key value.

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