In order to request this service, please fill out this form. Data will only be pushed from the date of setup forward, however backfill data can also be provided upon request.

Data exports are currently available to Acast Enterprise creators.

The request typically takes 2 weeks to complete, at which point you’ll receive an Amazon S3 Bucket login.

Note: Depending on the amount of data requested, the setup process might take longer to complete.

Access Credentials

Access credentials will be provided as a one-time secret via e-mail. The credentials will work for all users, for the lifetime of the data export.

File Delivery

A new CSV file is added to the S3 Bucket every 24 hours, after nightly filtering and processing. The file naming convention can be customized on request, but will always include the date of the upload. All files in the S3 Bucket will not be overwritten and available for the full length of your relationship with Acast.

Log Filtering

By default, all listens are included in the file - to sort by IAB 2.0 compliant listens only, filter opens_iab_valid_listen (column BM) by TRUE.

It is also possible to request pre-filtered logs, where the data export will only contain download logs where the opens_iab_valid_listen is TRUE.


The file contains the metrics for the day based on the below schema.

The full schema is:

batch_id, event_ts, best_effort_user_id, request_id, ip, method, status, range_req, range_from, range_to, content_length, stitch_size, provider, show_id, show_url, show_title, episode_id, episode_url, lang, episode_title, client_type, network_id, referer, parent_channel, geo_city, geo_country, geo_country_iso, geo_continent, geo_is_eu, geo_postal, geo_lat, geo_lon, geo_time_zone, geo_region, geo_isp, geo_isp_org, geo_as, geo_as_org, ua_family, ua_major, ua_minor, ua_source, ua_os_family, ua_os_major, ua_os_minor, ua_os_patch, ua_device_family, ua_device_major, ua_device_minor, ua_device_patch, stitch_hash, uri, query_ci, app_name, is_iab_ua_blacklist, listen_group_id, bytes, is_listen_group_start, ip_ua_hash, is_listen_group_legit, is_tag_ip_blacklist, range_legit_from, range_legit_to, opens_iab_valid_listen, dt

See the Full Data Export Schema guide for additional information on what each column represents.

Data Privacy

The data exports we deliver are GDPR and CCPA compliant. The IP address of the download request is hashed and rotated monthly, and any geo-location data parsed from the IP address like latitude and longitude coordinates are at the postal code level to protect the privacy of the user.

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