Hey Acast, are you IAB v2 compliant? ... It's a pretty common question every podcaster and advertiser is asking. You may even see it asked in blogs, social media groups, etc. But let's narrow it down a little more...

Are you IAB v2 certified?

I'm so glad you asked... because yes, yes we are!

IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) has some pretty strict standards before IAB certification is provided. And Acast is the first and only podcast company that has been certified across the board in all 4 IAB compliance metrics.

Those metrics?

1) Downloads

2) Listens

3) Ad delivery

4) Client-confirmed ad play

It truly can be a lot to unpack, so if you're ever looking for some leisurely reading, I highly recommend learning more about these metrics and why they are so important right here.

Bottom line is this. We never stop working to provide you the best, most accurate representation of your analytics. We wear this badge with honor so that you don't have to worry "Are my numbers correct?" and so you can just focus on dropping that next episode you're already working on.

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